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Picture Item Dropped
Foxtail fox
Wolf Bone brown-wolf
Wolf Raw Meat gray-wolf
Wolf Claws gray-wolf
Boar Skull boar
Wild Boar Tusk boar
Wolf Ash hybrid-wolf
Wolf´s Tail dire-wolf
Bear Fur brown-bear
Bear Leather brown-bear
Bear´s Feather grizzlybear
Fishbone grizzlybear
Silver Coins goblin
Gold pot black-goblin
Bear Claw black-bear
Bear Bones black-bear
Snake Eye snake
Löwinzahn lioness
Lioness Tooth lioness
Snaketail green-snake
Lion Hearth lion
Lion Tongue lion
Bear Stomach matanus
Weak Snake Poison blue-snake
Centaur Horseshoes centaur
Dwarf hammer dwarf
Blue Yarn hobit
Lion´s Mane mahes
Lion Skeleton mahes
Dwelf Rope dwelf
Lizard Stone lizardman
Centaur Tongue centaur-major
Crocodile Leather crocodile
Dwarf´s Pick dwarf-brawler
Lizardskull red-lizardman
Strong Snake Poison snake-grande
Crocodile Exe dirty-crocodile
Crocodile Skill aligator
Dwelf Marble black-dwelf
Orc Skin orc
Black Warg Tooth black-warg
Elf Candle dark-elf-soldier
Lizard Tail dark_lizardman
Elf Ash dark-elf-archer
Red Fabric dwarf-elder
Crocodile Tooth dire_crocodile
Elf Needle dark-elf-pikeman
Gold Silk dark-elf-swordsman
Cyan Yarn dark_elf_sharpshooter
Ampoule of Blood Monster in Deadlands Cave
Ghoul Contaminated Slime contaminated-ghoul
Fungoid mushroom fungoid
Ghoul Slime Ghoul
Purple Ribbon dark_elf_gladiator
Red Yarn dark-elf-bowman
Cyan Ribbon dark-elf-spearman
Chain troll
Rotten Ghoul Essenz infectious-ghoul
Yarn dark-elf-lancer
Yellow Ribbon dark-elf-lancer
Orc Slime orc_dog
Blue Hair bloody-orc-dog
Werspider Egg werespider
Skull Wing death-skull
Ork Blood elite-orc
Scorpion scorpion
Undertaker Horn undertaker
Nightstalker Wing Nachtpircher
Vampire Skull vampire
Beetle Leg young-beetle
Chitin young-beetle
] | | {{}} | **Scorpion Tail** | [[:mob:deadly-scorpion|
Vampire Claw starved-vampire
Young Beetle Part beetle
Manticora Horn manticora
Beetle Part young-beetle-crawler
Manticora Tail infected-manticora
Icewolf Fur ice-wolf
Gorgon Tail gorgon
Beetle Wings beetle-flyer
Werewolf Tooth werewolf
Beetle Dust giant-beetle-crawler
Green Beetle Wing beetle-flyer
Beetle Green Fabric beetle-queen
Beetle Blue Fabric giant-beetle-queen
Dreamcatcher rae-nightmare
Infernal Wing hell-skull
Volcrate Claw volcrate
Gorgon Scales killer-gorgon
Weathered Gold Chalice All Pyramid Monster
Polarbear Fur ice-bear
White Lionfur white-lioness
Harpy Feather harpy
Harpy Claw cold-harpy
Ogre Candle ogre
Volcrate Skull volcrate_champion
Gazereye gazer
Mindreaded Eye mind-reader
Scorpion Poison scorpion-king
Cold Ogre Tongue cold-ogre
Dragon Skull dragonide
Slaughter Hammer slaughterer
Extinct Beetle exterminator
Ogre Axe frosty-ogre
Golem Ice Pearl ice-golem
Ice Golem Ash frost_golem
Hydra Rune hydra
Glacius Claw glacius
Coruppted Soul Fragment young-mega-gazer
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