Warriors are a proud and very powerful species. Their training has been perfected over millennia, and the test is so tough that many give up or die. Only 40% pass the final exam, and only those who pass have passed. They are well trained to face all sorts of dangers. Due to the wide selection and difficulty level of the training, proud warriors are very vain and highly regarded by other humans for their strength. Children with magical powers who can be trained as warriors become magical warriors.

Class Details

Skill Overview

Sword Prowess Increases damage.
Cross Slash Strike twice in front of you.
Charge Charge toward the target and deal damage upon impact.
Fury Increases attack speed and movement speed.
Cosmic Slash Smash all nearby enemies with a chance to slow them down.
Earth Split Strike with a powerful blow on the ground, dealing damage in front of you.
Stone Skin Increases defense.
Soul Slash Strike all enemies in front of you.
Breaker Strike enemies in front of you from a greater distance.
Smite Stomp on the ground and deal area damage, with a chance to stun enemies.
Raging Flame Swing your sword and send flames at your enemy.
Inner Strength Focus your energy and deal damage to enemies around you.
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