Half-demons have only existed since Infernumantis' Night. They were transformed into half-demons by the infernal energy of the rifts, as this energy altered a human gene. Some children, in whom magic lies dormant and who came into contact with infernal energy, are now magical half-demons. Most half-demons are trained in combat techniques in the Abomination Camp to learn to handle their demon powers.

Class Details

Skill Overview

Shadow AuraSummon the shadows of your ancestors to protect you from enemy attacks.
Blade of Darkness Enhance your damage by infusing darkness into your blade.
Demon Smash Summon a demon from hell and strike your enemies with a powerful blow.
Demonic Chains Summon chains from the abyss that should hold even the devil captive. They increase your defense and reflect some damage.
Dark Strike Strike your enemy with darkness and remove all positive effects.
Shadow Blast Ignite the soul of a deceased creature, causing a massive explosion and damaging your enemies around you.
Dark Flame Throw a flame of darkness at your enemy.
Mana Shield Protect yourself with a shield that consumes mana when damaged.
Despair Summon shadows from the depths and annihilate your enemies.
Demonic Strike Gather your demonic powers and unleash them on your enemies.
Fire Spirits Summon two burning souls from the underworld around you, repeatedly attacking your enemies.
Orb of Darkness Throw a ball of darkness at your enemy.
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