Men and women trained in the art of walking in shadows. They sneak up on their enemies and murder them silently. Because of their ambushes, they are not very popular and are always feared. Assassins are trained in the use of bows and daggers and receive comprehensive training. Assassin training: Over a period of two years, one is trained in a group of three, with whom one must be together day and night. If someone is killed before the final exam, the entire team is executed. The final exam is considered passed if his two comrades have been murdered from behind. Those who refuse are executed, and the last survivor has passed the test.

Class Details

Skill Overview

Focus Arrow Shoot multiple arrows at the same target.
Windwalk Increases movement speed and chance to dodge attacks.
Fire Arrow Attach white phosphorus to an arrow, creating an unquenchable flame, and shoot it at your enemy.
Poison Arrow Coat your arrow with scorpion venom and shoot it at your enemies, with a chance to poison them.
Rain of Arrows Simultaneously shoot arrows at multiple targets.
Poison Gas Attack enemies with a deadly cloud of gas, with a chance to poison them.
Shadow StrikeAttack from the shadows and deliver a critical hit.
BackstabQuickly strike your opponent from behind.
Poisoned DaggersThrow daggers at your enemies, dealing damage with a chance to poison them.
Quick AttackAttack your enemies 3 times with your dagger.
InvisibilityBecome invisible (Attacks and abilities end invisibility).
Blink StrikeMove quickly to the target from a greater distance and strike with a poisonous blade.
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