Bonhai: Blacksmith
Hizashi: Blacksmith

The Smithing System is a game mechanic that allows for the enhancement of attributes in the equipment of all characters in general. This requires gold and materials obtained by killing various monsters scattered throughout the maps. The maximum upgrade level is +10, and from +5 weapons and armor glow according to their level.

To know all the materials, probability, and costs for upgrading any item of your equipment, you can find them in the equipment topics in all tables.
If you want to upgrade your equipment without risking the smith destroying it, we recommend checking out the topic Zagan's Guide.

The blacksmiths are located in the main cities. You can find them on the minimap with the anvil icon (Image 1) or through our interactive map.

Image 1. Blacksmith Location

The Night of Infernumantis

Hundreds of years ago, the family of blacksmiths was one of the most renowned in all the kingdoms of Pangea. They worked hard with items imported from other cities to enhance the equipment for military units and royal families.

One day, the Regiis family summoned all the blacksmiths of Pangea to Orin to show them all the innovations in weapon technology they had created, aiming to enhance their defense, as there were strong rumors of a coup.

In the afternoon of the same day, as the blacksmiths and merchants were already in the lands of Orin recovering from the long journey, a guard watching the area from a distance observed a storm approaching rapidly and warned the entire caravan.

Tamato, Blacksmith

But it was too late, as the storm reached them in seconds, and from then on, strong winds blew with loud thunder hindering their mobility in the area. The dense storm and thunder prevented the possibility of observing the surroundings.

In the background, strange sounds reminiscent of growls could be heard, and various unusual lights surrounded them. Suddenly, the ground began to shake, and as people emerged from their tents seeking shelter, they saw the earth split into two, releasing a large number of monsters.

The guard with limited visibility from a distance could see that a woman was about to be attacked by a huge monster with the body of a lion and a face very similar to that of a human. With difficulty between wind and trembling, he reached the woman and threatened the strange creature with his sword from the front, a second before being attacked by such a majestic beast…

The ground collapses, slowly the guard can see each of them being swallowed by the earth, between screams and cries the last image he can perceive is the beautiful face of the said woman whom he held tightly with his arm.

The Lost Blacksmith

Tamato's Horse

Tamato was one of the most respected blacksmiths of that time. After receiving a request from the king of Caratas, he set out for Orin, where the blacksmith meeting was to take place.
As he crossed the desert with his horse, he noticed a sandstorm that differed from the others, as it was approaching him at high speed, reaching him in a few minutes.

Amidst the storm, the sand became denser, making it difficult for his horse to move forward until it finally stood still. The blacksmith, completely surprised, noticed a strange glow emanating from the ground, and from one moment to the next, lightning struck him and his horse, causing the blacksmith to fall to the ground.

The sand slowly engulfed his body, and the last thing he could see was a strange aura of fire surrounding his horse as he lost consciousness…

The Decline of the Smithing Craft

During the war between the nations of Caratas and Jerro, one of the main objectives of the war was to weaken the military power of the opposing kingdom, with the blacksmiths being among the casualties.
Many blacksmiths lost their lives in territorial disputes or by the monsters emerging from the rifts. The number of blacksmiths has drastically decreased.

Due to the high demand for work by the fighters of the nations, the low number of existing blacksmiths, and their aging, they are becoming less efficient. The higher the level of the weapon, the more complex the enhancement process becomes, drastically reducing the chances of success and increasing the cost of enhancement.

But help is on the way…

Guide to Enhancing an Item

A: You can drag from your inventory or press Shift + Right-click to place the item you want to enhance in the first slot.
B: This area shows the possible outcome of refining the item you placed in the first area.
C: These are the materials needed to enhance the item.
D: This is the probability of enhancing the item.
E: These are the total costs for enhancing the item.

To enhance the item, click on the Enhance button.

If the enhancement was successful, the item moves to the next level; otherwise, the following message appears:

Refinement Window Failed

Equipment +5
Rarity: Common
Equipment +8
Rarity: Rare
Equipment +9
Rarity: Epic
Equipment +10
Rarity: Epic

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