Wizards are a small, very wise, and reserved people, where men and women are equal. They are not allowed to share their secrets with humans, but they may pass on their knowledge. Wizards live and teach according to the Akelexi, and any violation is punished by expulsion from the Magnius (Wizard Community). Those who do not live in the Magnius community and are subordinate to it must fend for themselves.

Babies and toddlers with magical powers born among humans are tracked down and taken from their parents. A wizard has the right to take the child from the parents immediately after birth or at any later time without compensation. If he finds a child with magical powers, the wizard is obligated to take it or report it. If he keeps the child, he must raise it until it is old and wise enough to attend the Baldwin School of Magic. The wizard who discovers the child decides when a child is taken from the origin family. As there is a shortage of wizards, not all children are discovered. Most have magic latent within them, and only a few are radiant.

Each wizard draws their power from the energy of nature and its basic elements: fire, water, earth, or air. At the Baldwin School, one can discover from which element they can draw the most energy. After completing the wizard school, a wizard is a Scholar 1st Grade. Their basic training is now complete, and their journey to knowledge and power can begin.

Wizards require a wand to channel the ambient energy they harness.

Female wizards are more talkative and modern than male wizards. They have a special connection to animals and nature. According to ancient traditions, wizards are capable of hatching dragon eggs and living in harmony with these creatures because only they can form a deep, empathetic bond with them.

Class Details

  • Main Role: Summoning and Elemental
  • Weapons: Staves and Wands
  • Armor: X

Skill Overview

Magic Attack Hurl a magical ball at your enemy.
Fire Dragon Summon a fire dragon to attack your enemy.
Dispair Summon a meteorite that deals area damage near your enemies.
Mana Sphere Surround yourself and your allies with a protective mana barrier, reducing damage taken.
Burning Shield Summon a protective flame around you and your allies, reflecting some damage.
Critical Boost Increase the chance of a critical hit.
Fire Ball Hurl a fireball at your enemy.
Dyson Sphere Boost both magical and physical damage.
Ice Blast Destroy your enemies with ice, causing area damage around you.
Healing Restore HP and remove negative status effects.
Chain Lightning Strike your enemy with lightning that jumps from target to target.
Alacrity Increase movement speed and reduce cooldowns.
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