New Features
• There have been reports of a shady character lurking outside the city walls, maybe he has a limited time deal some people might be interested in?
• The Officer, Commander & Quartermaster guild member roles are now available
• Stats of the next guild skill level are now shown in the tooltip
• Reduced button size in the target menu at the top
• Item count now has better visibility (like the quickbar)
• Partys can now only consist of players of the same empire
• Partys can now only consist of players within 25 levels of the party leader
Balance updates
• Buffed Gold/Exp/Loot Bounty guild skill slightly
• Fixed sound on alacrity not respecting volume settings
• Fixed party & whisper overlaping with a full party
• Fixed some missing pillars & ceilings in the pyramid
• Fixed some footstep sound related bugs
• Fixed being able to ride your mount in some houses in the cities
• Fixed music being stopped by too many other sounds playing
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