New Features
• Added footstep sounds to all monsters
• Added missing ambient sounds to some maps
• Player shops can't be opened in the arena
• The tailor in jerro city now lives in a house again, after he was so rudely left without one a few updates ago (sorry!)
Balance updates
• The brown horse mount (and all other brown horse variants) now have the same base move speed as all other mounts
• Reduced Zagans dungeon cooldown (should be able to start again right away in most cases now)
• Fixed language update not syncing with the server until a restart
• Fixed some monster idle sounds
• Fixed some sound issues with flying monsters
• Fixed wrong footsteps for some floors
• Fixed a few monster spawns in deadland
• Fixed stash not closing if you walked away from the storekeeper
• Fixed not being able to re-enter zagans dungeon within the first few minutes after starting
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