New Features
• Upon respawn you are now invisible and invincible for a short time
• Camera now follows your characters rotation when auto•walking (this is configurable in the gameplay settings to off/only autowalk/always)
• Added a whisper button to player shops so you can talk to the owner directly
• The auto•walk path is now more visible
• Miscellaneous map improvements to caratas city, deadland, desert and ice land
Balance updates
• Weapon•specific defense is now slightly more effective against magic type damage (it is still quite ineffective)
• High level jewellery now has a reasonable sell value
• Fixed equipment slots not clearing properly
• Fixed another overlap issue in the target ui
• Fixed excessive lense flares of some building lights
• Fixed popups still being confirmed even when writing to chat
• Fixed only being able to buy an item from player shops if you have one more gold than required
• Fixed an edge case that made player shops not spawn
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