New Features
• Added permanent pets to the itemshop
• Added 14 day exp, gold and drop bonus potions to the itemshop
• Improved Moonwalk Emotion
• Changed some skill names and descriptions to match their skill better
• Buying of expired items from player shops is prevented now (this is a temporary fix, removal of expired items from shops will follow in another update soon)
• The character select scene is now loaded in the background and does not freeze Inferna for long periods anymore
• Improved memory usage by unloading old maps before loading the new ones
• Improved walkable area of caratas and jerro cities
• When setting a price for an item in the player shop, the price is now also displayed as a formatted number
• Fixed a typo in the level 49 and 56 helmets stats on +8 and +9
• Fixed a bug that allowed sending friend requests to an already “friended” player
• Fixed not displaying the correct error message when displaying the coin purchase list fails
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