New Features
• Activated the easter event! Collect eggs! Exchange them for loot!
• Added new HD horse mount models
• Added new armored horse mounts
• Added a new tiger mount
• Permanent versions of mounts are now available in the itemshop
• Loot drop animation is now slightly more random
Balance updates
• Matched the respawn time of some monster between Jerro highlands and Caratas wasteland
• Reduced the required materials of some refine recipes
• Fixed a bug causing player shops not to sync their movement correctly if you were in range of the shop
• Fixed missing player shop buy confirmation popup translation
• Fixed rifts/monsters sometimes spawning in inaccessible areas
• Fixed an edge case that could cause skills to be reset again when logging into a shutting down instance at just the right moment
• Fixed target indicator staying when the selected entity disappears
• Fixed backstab skill damage falling when reaching master
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