New Features
• New input system: Full rebinding, partial controller support
• Low level skill reset (available at Soga or Furgas) now also resets status points
• Low level skill reset is now available up to level 30
• Quickbar now has 6 pages instead of 5
• Changed wizard class icon
• Improved player auto•walk pathfinding slightly
• Complementary skill and status reset introduced last update does not reset the subclass anymore
Balance updates
• Increased party loot sharing
• Reduced influence of weapon specific defense on magical damage
• Reduced required crafting materials slightly
• Fixed minimized whispers disappearing when pressing escape
• Fixed wand pickup sound
• Fixed various translation errors
• Fixed a glitch that allowed to pre•farm the zagan upgrade material (the glitch was not heavily abused, the few players that did use it have been punished accordingly)
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