New Features
• Rumors tell of ancient scrolls of knowledge being carried to the surface by rifts
• All characters now receive a complementary skill and status point reset upon login
• Experience Crystalizer can now be used by low level characters with less than 50000 experience
• Added class icons to character list
• Material drop and requirement was increased 10x (1:1 ratio)
Balance updates
• Level 23 warrior body and leg armor is now scaled correctly
• Reduced assassins quick attack damage
• Increased lizard tail drop chance
• Critical hit and penetration chances were halved
• Fixed extremely long loading times for players that have a lot of friends
• Fixed another desync related to attacking
• Removed a white capsule object from the desert (how did that even get there?)
• Fixed some item drag&drop issues
• Fixed misc. translation issues
• Fixed evil watcher idle animation
• Fixed tooltip width
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