New Features
• Skins! Pretty up your weapons now!
• Helpful reminders in the ui
• Support for the korean character set
• Support for cyrillic character set
• Remade introductary quests (more to come soon) and removed old ones
• changed Monster Puller stack size from 50 to 200
Balance updates
• Improved wizards melee staff hit detection
• Increased gold value of all items
• Increased gold value of all equipment relative to their upgrade level
• Improved drop chance for up•items below level 10
• Fixed a bug that caused desyncs when attacking
• Fixed a bug that caused desyncs when applying skill knockback
• Fixed target auto•select not selecting the next hit target when the current target was dead
• Fixed an edge case that caused item stacks over their limit to be stacked further
• Fixed being able to use items from the stash via the quickbar
• Fixed various quest•system related bugs
• Fixed various translation and ui bugs
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