New Features
• Emotions
• Items +5, +6 and +7 are now “Uncommon”
• Items +8 and +9 are now “Rare”
• Items +10 are now “Epic”
• You are now offered to quick•link your account to steam when attempting to purchase coins
• A new help/support button is now available in the ESC menu
• Added cast speed to stats ui
• Cooldown in skill tooltips now includes cooldown reduction
Balance updates
• Changed the order physical skill damage is calculated, the attack rating now only influences the damage stat. Skills that scale heavily with status points (vit, int, str, dex) will now deal more damage. This will also result in the tooltip damage to be lower, which is just a side effect of the calculation though and all skills will deal more or equal damage.
• Skill damage is now calculated for every target seperately instead of using the main targets calculation
• Reduced body armor movement speed penalty
• Added movement speed penalty to leg armor
• Added cast speed to gloves
• Buffed boots movment speed boost slightly
• Fixed an issue where npc highlights were not cleared properly
• Fixed the warriors charge skill sound effect ignoring volume settings
• Fixed quickbar hotkeys not using the current page
• Fixed another issue which caused status effects not to save correctly
• Fixed a bug where the time of day was not syncronized properly for newly spawned maps
• Fixed assassin quick attack skill inconsistency on master compared to base level
• Fixed settings not saving
• Fixed monsters ignoring attack rating
• Fixed name texts not following fov
• Fixed missing hit effects
• Fixed translation errors
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