New Features
• Quickbar has multiple pages
• Added sparkly particle effects to equipment +7 and higher
• Rebinding the movement keys is possible now
• Bloom is now disabled by default
• Tweaked grass color on some maps
• Boss icon is not rotated on minimap anymore
• Pressing enter only closes the top popup
• Pressing esc will close the top popup
• Large monster taunt is now available from the city alchemist aswell
Balance updates
• Reduced enchant and re-enchant cost
• Fixed that re-enchant gold cost was shown incorrectly
• Fixed mail items from the itemshop glitching out and disappearing sometimes
• Fixed items not expiring under some cirumstances
• Fixed some other minor inventory handling bugs
• Fixed status effects not saving properly sometimes
• Fixed a server crash most common on either empires starting map
• Fixed broken tree colliders
• Fixed translation issues
• Fixed the wizards meteor aoe not being centered around its target
• Fixed an incorrect npc in the levelup reward for jerro
• Fixed the 20 minute monster attack boost potion from Zagan
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