New Features
• A new “Exp Crystalizer” item is available from city alchemists to craft experience crystals and shards
• Experience shards and crystals can be converted to the other by simply right-clicking them
• Planned maintenances now have a countdown in-game below the minimap
• Added now introductory quest to teach new players the basics of the game
• Players are now punished with a chat mute for minor offenses
• Players now get special level-up rewards for certain levels
• Changed server provider to improve connection problems
• Enchanting requires magical essence and (for higher levels) experience crystals
• Enchanting gold cost scales with the item level instead of the NPC
• Rifts now drop magical and hell essence
• Improved server performance
• Improved tooltip of items that apply a status effect
• Improved rift monsters aggro logic
• Improved Arabic translation
Balance Updates
• Ranged attack damage is scaled after subtracting defense
• Ranged attacks do 30% of the full damage at max range
• Melee assassin skills to slightly more damage
• Fixed an issue with dungeon re-entry right after entering
• Skils now poison, slow and stun properly
• Skill damage now triggers the steal hp/mp effect
• Misc. translation improvements
• Ranged assassin poison skill may now be used with swords
• Fixed dragonhide monster animation
• Fixed another steal hp/mp effect issue
• Fixed an edge case where particles would not be rendered even though they should
• Fixed whisper and log scrolling
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