• Defense against great axes enchantment was removed and is now integrated into Great Sword defense
• Defense against wands enchantment was added (and replaces great axe defense on items)
• Players can now re-enter Zagan's dungeon if they get disconnected or leave during the first few minutes
• Yellow ribbon refine material now drops from regular mobs and more commonly
• Added missing refine material for level 56 armors for an upgrade from +5 to +6
Balance Updates
• Stun was lowered from 5 to 3 seconds
• Players natural hp regeneration was reduced
• Maximum targets for melee hits was increased to 20
• Fixed a possible cause for random hangs
• Fixed greatswords being too slow and great axes not being slowed at all
• Fixed the particle effect for steal hp/mp going in the wrong direction
• Fixed party PVP protection overriding duels (you can now duel while inside the same party)
• Fixed magic defense enchantment was absolute and not percentage based
• Fixed an issue that caused enchantments smaller than 1% not to be saved correctly
• Fixed names not staying over players heads when mounted
• Fixed a bug that caused items to disappear from the inventory until the next map change/login
• Fixed the half-demons Mana Shield not working correctly
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