New Features
• Added a boss chest to Zagan's loot
• The task on level 7 of Zagan's dungeon should be a bit easier to understand
Balance Updates
• All weapons had their damage reduced according to their attack speed (10% attack speed → ~10% less damage)
• Bows/Wands do damage based on the distance the projectile travels (more distance = less damage, scaled linearly according to their max range with minimum damage of 5%)
• EQ drops were lowered by 90%
• Added more monsters to Zagan's dungeon
• The “reward” in Zagans dungeon has a 10% higher chance in addition to it's current “function”
• adjusted the Shield of Darkness to have more defense in the lower upgrade levels than the Gothic Shield
• Lowered stun chances on all remaining mobs
• Fixed 100% exp at level 60 would be displayed as 0%
• Fixed monsters/rifts spawning off-map/in the air in some edge cases
• Fixed typo on some high-level bracers that made them have 25% attack speed instead of 2.5%
• Bear space program was canceled (bears don't start flying anymore)
• Fixed some translation errors
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