New Features
• Added Zargan's Dungeon, a raid accessible through the snow map from level 45
• Added player death sound effect
• All equipment up to level 60 drops from monsters in their respective level range now
• Global chat requires level 15 to send messages
• Changed deadland background music
• Improved duration display for item and status effect expiry
• Pets and mounts last for 14 days and expire only from the time they're used for the first time
• City enchanter can enchant items up to level 60
Balance Updates
• Doubled all monsters damage
• Increased all weapons base damage
• Reduced maximum Steal MP/HP enchant from 10% to 3% (for a maximum of 6% in total)
• Reduced stun chance on some mobs
• Increased drop chance for zagans dungeon level 7 correct key
• Improved knockback netcode
• Fixed some more monster attack issues
• Fixed sell price not showing in player shops for items that can not be sold to npcs
• Fixed trading items with an expiry time
• Fixed empire selection when creating a new character
• Fixed exp and steal mp/hp flying orbs not being shown
• Zagans dungeon can be entered solo
• Removed german translation of Zagans dungeon with placeholder text
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