Community Suggestions

In Inferna the community has the possibility to make suggestions for improvement. Each suggestion can be rated in Discord. This gives us an overview of what changes and improvements the community wants.

Through this system we could already implement some suggestions. Here you can see a list of the improvements suggested by the community, which we have already integrated into the game. We are looking forward to further suggestions.

Many thanks again to everyone who helped us here!

Fast put in/put out from deposit and mail with a key ALT or SHIFT 97%
Implement Anti-Exp feature 80%
CD on Mounting Up after engaging PvP by yourself, not by being engaged by another person 89%
lvl 1 to 5 should still award skill points (giving new players a total of 4 skill points once they reach lvl 5,
and rewarding the already existing players with another 3 skill points, as I think you're given one once you reach lvl 5)
Synchronized Day/Night-System for all players, synchronized Weather-System for players on the same Map 91%
Show group members on the minimap in a different color + show names above the charackter of group members in a different color 98%
Rifts actually being worth something by dropping nice items that wouldn't be obtainable any other way and giving a fair bit of EXP. 99%
Make Exp. visible in some way. This will allow players in a group to see, how big the range of Experience-share is. 
Besides this it's really satisfying to watch!
Please add a different Sound for Kritical Hits! This is just a nice to have feature. Different sounds for Gold and Item drops as well if possible! 92%
Make skills that continous drain mana be able to toggle on or off. 91%
autoscroll on private message window 98%
sell hotkey(click item ctrl + s or something to quick sell instead of drag and drop onto the merchants window) 93%
put def vs big axes and big swords together or the warrior has 3 diffrent types of Weapons to bear ppl have to def against 90%
Being able to buy Monster Taunts in Map2. 94%
add the point in the money in the inventory aswell please. 97%
names when on horses 94%
Anti Exp Ring or something like this. 92%
Post more detailed patch notes. “Improved character class & skill balance” isn't getting us very far.
Which abilities were changed and in what way?
give us the Skillpoints for level 1 up to level 5. Then we can make 3x M1 Skills 39%
turn off firecrackers drop 94%
Make party experience and gold repartition to be always slightly better than grinding solo,
so to encourage teaming while preventing group exp exploit
1 free experience potion /account while in early access 30%
Make exp distribution equal for all players in group, regardless of hitting the mob or not. Same goes with exp potion effect in group. 78%
setup “InfernaWiki” where players can collect their knowledge and look up things like where u drop which item etc 97%
Add skill points for levels 1-5, i mean we should get skill points for lvl 2,3 and 4. Earlier skill at Master level should improve leveling a bit. 95%
Add more drops from Rifts, for example armor, weapons and i think most important - upgrade materials should drop from Rifts,
if Rift spawn vampires there should be a % chance to drop upgrade materials from them, for example vampire skull after defeating a Rift.
make it that the buff timers are shown in sek. not min. this makes it more precise 97%
mob agro table resets within x seconds of target to far away (rifts extremely buggy if someone started it left or died mobs chase
off randomly and wont come back or attack new players)
possibility of enchanting 50+ items. currently you can only up to 50 lv inclusive 89%
Reimplement exp-bubbles floating to all participants. Maybe with an Option to hide it if someone gets annoyed buy that. 90%
Bring back the yellow flying experience balls, they were great to show the distance between shared exp 93%
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