Game Rules

Inferna, as any other game, is meant to be for fun and entertainment. To achieve that we need to put a few guidelines for behaviour in Inferna in place, these are meant to guide the community into a direction where everyone can enjoy the game.

We understand things may get frustrating at times, but instead of letting others feel your bad vibes, just take a breather and calm down. Harrassment or hateful conduct are not tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: - discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, gender, age and other factors - threats extending outside the game - publishing any kind of private/personal information without the permission of the person in question

In addition we would also like to mention that while PvP is a big part of this game, preventing other players from playing the game by repeatedly killing them when they are leaving and not engaging with you any further is also not permitted. This exception is only for extreme cases, as pvp is part of the game. You are allowed to defend/take a level spot you're using, fight over rifts and monsters and kill each other. We would just like to prevent players preventing other (potentially lower level/geared) players from playing the game just cause they think it's fun to harrass people who can't defend themselves. In addition we will always be taking the context into account when enforcing any punishments, if two players have been killing themselves back and forth for “revenge” then this is not a violation of this guideline.

Simply said, just be truthful, share knowledge and don't attempt to trick other people. Don't pretend to be someone you're not, especially staff. Don't try to scam or phish people out of their stuff.

n addition we would also like to mention that any trades for “real life” money are not allowed or supported in any way and will be interpreted as an attempt to scam players and punished accordingly.

Using any kind of tool, application or program to gain an advantage over other players is not allowed and will result in account suspension. This includes, but is not limited to, any kind of “bot”, “cheat” or “hack” as well as script/macro software commonly available with “gaming” keyboards and the like.

Should you want to report any offenses, please open a ticket stating when and where said offense happened and who was involved, screenshots or videos are appreciated, but usually not required.

Team members will never ask for your account information. (This excludes the case where you ask us to change something account related, in that case we may ask for your email or steam profile link) Team members are always identified in-game by their rank in square brackets before their name (example: “[DEV]imer”, “[GM]Snyder”) and by their rank on discord.

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