Half Demon


Half Demon

Half Demons have only existed since Infernumantis night. They were transformed into half-demons by the hell energy of the cracks, as this energy changed a human gene.
Some children who have magic slumbering and who came into contact with hell energy are now magic half-demons. Most half-demons are trained in the abomination camp in combat techniques to learn how to deal with their demon powers.

Class details

Skill overview

Physical - for details click the skill names below.
Shadow Aura Cast aura that gives you evasion against attacks
Blade of Darkness Improve your damage by adding darkness to the blade
Videos Summon a demon from hell and attack your enemies with a powerful smash
Demonic Chains Call for chains from Hell to protect you
Strike Of Darkness Strike your enemy with darkness and remove all positive buffs
Shadow Blast Blase your enemies with your demonic powers
Magical - for details click the skill names below.
Dark Flame Throw a flame of darkness towards you enemy
Mana Shield Protects you with a shield and cosumes mana when damaged
Videos Release shadows from the depths and blast your enemies
Demonic Strike Gather your demonic force and fire it at your enemies
Fire Spirits Cast spirits to protect you from attacks
Orb of Darkness Throw a ball of darkness towards your enemy
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