Caratas Jerro
 Caratas  Jerro


Many centuries ago, humans lived in four different kingdoms. Esford lay in the north, Orin in the east, Caratas in the south, and Jerro in the west. A powerful family named Regises saw the potential in uniting the four realms. The family members held great influence over Orin and Jerro, causing these two realms to merge quickly. Subsequently, Esford and Caratas allied to stand a chance against Orin and Jerro in times of war. After several years, the Regises family managed to negotiate a pact of “Unity” with the four realms. This pact sealed the peace and opened borders for trade relations. The United Kingdom was named Pangaeus. The Regises turned Pangaeus into a glorious realm led with justice and order, leading to prosperity and knowledge.

One day, a great disaster befell Pangaeus. The sky darkened, and a storm approached. The people sensed the catastrophe, yet they did not know what frightened them. After the storm subsided and the population began cleanup efforts, fewer and fewer people returned to the village. An exploration team, searching for the missing, discovered strange cracks in the ground emitting an inexplicable stench. However, the smell was the least of people's concerns. The cracks began to glow, and creatures emerged from them, immediately attacking and killing humans. After the monsters were all slain by the warriors, the cracks seemed to extinguish or even disappear, but that was a deception. Countless creatures seem to come from hell. The cracks reactivate irregularly over time or reappear elsewhere, spewing creatures from the underworld during their fiery glow.

It is believed that Orin and Esford were swallowed by a giant rift and are forever trapped in hell. Due to the chaos and the threat of monsters that arose on the Night of Infernumantis, Jerro and Caratas separated again and broke the Unity Pact. Without strong leadership, the inhabitants fell back into the old hatred of hundreds of years ago. Jerro accused the inhabitants of Caratas of causing the disaster. Caratas, on the other hand, believed that Jerro was only trying to cover up what they did with such accusations. A bitter war broke out, and the cities drifted apart. All trade relations were severed. Over the years, a new language emerged in Jerro. This made any further negotiations over the years extremely difficult, so the war continued despite the danger posed by the creatures. The enmity between Jerro and Caratas persists to this day.

Can you find out what really happened and who was responsible for the Night of Infernumantis? Can you find the lost empires of Esford and Orin?

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