Tamato, Blacksmith
Sunada, Lonely Guard

The Zagan's dungeon is a special dimension located in the underground of the inferna universe, the only way to access it is by talking to Sunada, located in the frozen lake of Frozen Land, the young guardian prevents inexperienced warriors from risking their lives trying to enter the dungeon.

In order to enter you need to meet the following requirements:

  • To enter alone the player needs to be at least level 45.
  • A level 40 player can enter as long as it is in a party with another level 45 player.

Players can enter alone or in a group, being 8 players the limit allowed by the party system.

The difficulty of the dungeon can change through balance updates, so there is no exact number of players needed to complete the dungeon. Stories from players tell that some have gone through it alone and in record time (20 minutes).

This dungeon is divided into 8 levels, which we will explain in the following table:

Stage Objective Description Image
Eliminate all the monsters This level does not have much mystery, you have to defeat all the enemies present to advance to the next level.
Collect the correct key from the monsters This level consists of eliminating as many monsters as possible until one of them drops the correct key, for this, every time one gives you a key you must use it by right clicking, if the key is correct, it will show a window indicating that it was, otherwise, a window will appear indicating that the key has vanished without any effect. -
Find and destroy the correct rift In this level, you will find many rifts scattered throughout the room, you will have to start closing each of them until you find the right one in less than 30 minutes.
As a tip, some players go to the ends of the room opening all the rifts on their way, in order not to waste time opening one by one, once reached the end they return closing each one of them.
Collect the correct key from the monsters This level as well as the second one consists of eliminating the necessary monsters to find the correct key. Recapping, when you find a key you must use it by right clicking, if the key is the correct one, it will show you a window indicating that it was, otherwise, a window will appear indicating that the key has vanished without any effect. -
Eliminate the Skeleton King In this level, you will need to find the Skeleton King boss in the room and eliminate him as soon as possible. This boss is relatively easy and no special equipment is needed to do it.
Destroy all the rifts This level has 19 rifts, which must be closed, in this case there is no time limit.
Destroy the correct rift Once all the rifts of the previous level have been destroyed, some rifts of higher level will appear randomly throughout the room, you will have to find and destroy them until you find the right one.
Eliminate the Darkness Warlord In this level you will have to find the boss and eliminate him, once eliminated he will drop several keys, be careful, only one is the correct one, to this key you must right click and you will advance to the next level.
If you click on another key, it is considered as failed level and the dungeon teleports you to level 3.
Destroy all the rifts This is the last room, in it you will find the last 5 rifts before the final boss. You will have to destroy them, when you close the last rift, the Zagan will appear near the center of the room.
Eliminate the Zagan This boss is a Demon type, it's completely resistant to stunt. Its life ranges between 666666 ± 20% and has a high regeneration rate, although it has a high resistance to poison but it isn't immune to it, so this is one of the best options the player has to eliminate it.
As a form of attack, it is capable of launching critical, penetrating, slowing and stun attacks on players.

Zagan's Demonsteel Zagan's Chest

Once you eliminate the Zagan, his evil spell will disappear and will free one of his prisoners; Tamato, also known as Zagan's blacksmith.

Among the Zagan's ashes, you will find a chest and an ingot as a reward.
This ingot will allow you to use the Zagan blacksmith's refinement interface, giving you the advantage in comparison with normal smiths:

  • If the refinement fails, the item will only be reduced by one level of improvement.
  • Add a 10% extra chance to improve the item.

While they are a great advantage, some limitations have to be mentioned, for example; although the item will definitely not break, the blacksmith will still ask for the upgrade items and their respective upgrade cost.

How many upgrades can I make per character?

Once you finish the dungeon, you will receive only one Demonsteel per character, this means only one try because demonsteels aren't tradeable.

Could I save the demonsteel for later use?

Yes, but these have 2 hours expire time, you can save it to do more Zagan's Run, and do more improvements, obviously considering the time limit of these.

Do I have to keep all the characters in the group connected until the end of the dungeon?

No, once these characters entered the dungeon, you can disconnect them until the last level, if you kill the zagan and these aren't connected they won't receive the demonsteel.

What happens if one of the characters in the group fails to enter the dungeon once the other characters have entered?

This character can talk with the NPC and this will allow it to enter for a certain time.

If I leave the dungeon voluntarily, can I re-enter?

No, once you leave you can't enter in the same dimension.

If I have connection problems and get disconnected from the game, will I re-enter the same dungeon dimension?

Yes, our server detects it as internet lost connection, and automatically login the character into the dungeon.

What happens if we are inside the dungeon and we want to invite a player outside our party?

All characters will have to exit the dungeon and wait about 10 minutes for the dimension reboot.

Is there any other way to improve equipment without the risk of breaking them?

No, at the moment this is the only one option to avoid break equipment.

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