Starter Guide

Hi new Inferna player, we are glad to see you here. One of the most important ways to interact with other players is the ingame chat and the inferna discord server. There a lot of friendly people who help eatch other. Just ask them if you have questions.


There are diffrent ways to move in Inferna. The most common way by big players is to use WASD keys and the mouse.



After the first 5 levels you can choose your subclass and distibute some skillpoins.

Upgrade System

Upgrade your weapons and armor at the smith.


Enchantments are a very important part of Inferna.



Easy but slower (first Char/bad-mediocore equipment)

  • 1-25 Map1 Rifts and/or Lionspot (bottom central)
  • 25-35 38er Rifts Deadland
  • 35-50 48er Rifts Desert + 54er Rifts as soon as possible
  • 50-60 Pyramid

More difficult but faster (good equipment needed for some spots)

  • 1-20 Map1 Rifts and/or Lionspot (bottom central)
  • 20-25 Rifts Map2 or Farmspot Yellow Ribbon (left side central at the tower and surroundings)
  • 25-30 38er Rifts Deadland
  • 30-35 Manticorspot (bottom right, near the Dungeon/Desert Teleporter)
  • 35-45 48er Rifts Desert + 54er Rifts as soon as possible
  • 45-60 Pyramid
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