Archaeologist Quests

Amemori, Archaeologist

Several warriors fighting against the monsters of the rifts noticed that from time to time, among the magical essences, an artifact charged with a special energy sprouts.

It wasn't until the archaeologist, a researcher who has dedicated himself to examining these artifacts in greater depth, managed to drain the energy from the artifacts and put it to use to bestow the benefits of the brave enough to help him with his research.

Although some progress has been made in the study of the artifacts, there is still much to be found.

The archaeologist's missions will be available once the character reaches level 20, then they will be unlocked as the character levels up:

  • To activate the quest you will have to destroy rifts until you get the first activation artifact.
  • You will have to go to talk to Amemori, the archaeologist.
  • Collect the rest of the artifacts from rifts.
  • Go back to talk with Amemori, you can deliver many artifacts at same time.
  • Once all the artifacts have been delivered, you must wait 5 minutes before receive your reward.
Image Level Name Artifacts Required Reward
20 Artifact of Swift Boots 3 +5% Movement speed
24 Artifact of Deft Hands 20 +5% Attack speed
28 Artifact of Knowledge 30 +2 VIT STR INT DEX
32 Artifact of Mana 40 +410 Max Mana
34 Artifact of Life 50 +915 Max HP
38 Artifact of Golden Wealth 70 +5% Gold Bonus
42 Artifact of Fittest 80 +5% Damage against Monster
46 Artifact of Defense 90 +35 Defense
50 Artifact of Magic Defense 100 +15 Magic Defense
54 Artifact of Posession 120 +5% Drop bonus
58 Artifact of Combat Humanoid 140 +5% Damage against Humans
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